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Plan & Decoration

What Can We Offer

All event hosts want their party to be special. Especially brides, because many girls have been dreaming about this day since childhood. Whether it is an ordinary business lunch or corporate party, or a celebration that will forever remain in memory and in the photo, decorations of the tables matter a lot. 

Depending on the number of people, the decor of the banquet tables can  be decorated with non-standard design elements, such as candles, mirrors, stones, and even books. 8-10 guests are usually seated at a round banquet table with a diameter of six feet. First, the space occupied by cutlery and comfortable gaps between them is calculated, and the remaining space can be occupied by decoration.  It all depends on the imagination of the client and the story they want to tell their guests in colors.

Image by Itzel González Lara

Every holiday is a small performance! It has the main characters, the setting, and the scenery. A holiday without decoration is a performance without scenery, a cocktail without a straw, a picture without bright colors.

A beautifully decorated holiday is the creation of a unique atmosphere! Decoration makes it possible to create your own unusual world - to make the holiday exactly how you would like to see it.

If you want your holiday to be remembered by everyone for a long time, give a lot of joyful emotions and good mood - approach the issue of decorating your celebration responsibly.

How would you like to see your holiday? Mysterious and unexpected, bright and cheerful, romantic, go... Drop all conventions that it is too expensive or too unrealistic. Dream and fantasize, and leave the rest to us. We will select for you various design options in accordance with your wishes.

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